John Breaux, born 10/12/1989, professionally known as Jay Da Wizard, is an American Hip-Hop Multi Sound Songwriter/Rapper/DJ/Dancer/ from Lafayette, Louisiana. 

Always drawn to multiple styles of music, Jay got his introduction to the entertainment industry as a Dancer starting his own dance troop in his teens. Later, through with the help of local Radio DJs and Producers, Jay worked as a DJ, Karaoke host and featured dancer. 

While most of his songwriting was kept to himself, he let a local music producer hear a couple of his works and that’s all it took. In just days Jay was in the recording studio laying tracks down. 

Without a formal education in songwriting, Jay is driven to write through life experiences and emotions. His passion for writing and hope to inspire others, keeps him chasing his dreams. 

Jay is best known for being able to say what’s been said before, in fresh new ways. When asked about his songwriting process, Jay had this to say, “I prefer to have a beat to write to and almost always write the Hook first. From there, I like to let the hook/chorus lead me to where the verses need to go.”

Johnny has written for and performed with many local, regional and national hip-hop artists as well as writing and performing for the New Orleans Saints. Celebrating his upcoming 2019 Album Release, Jay’s wish is that his music makes all that hear it, want to dance.


Jay Da Wizard is excited to be part of SOLO and looks forward to sharing his gift with young upcoming writers.