Originally Performed By Jaden Smith



Jay Da Wizard

Icon Remix

Y'all Ready?

2018 Let's Go

I am just an icon living

J Smith did it now the wizard bout to kill it

born an outcast coming straight up out the village

in the low class but I got a rich man vision

I do this for real no I can't make believe

hall of fame Barry bonds that means I'm major league

all these wanna be rappers think they can compete

but you're all paraplegic can't stand up to me

oh no I am not a man I'm an alien

if hip hop is dead
I'm bringing it back from the grave again

haters steady talking
I ain't got nothing to say to them

flow indestructible like it's made of titanium

new school with an old soul

I was born in 89 in the South Pole

decided to take a walk down the long road

searching for happiness in the land of the unknown

ugh lyrical giant stomping getting violent

killing everything now they calling me a tyrant

Louisiana weather man switching up the climate

rip can I get moment of silence Shhh

I am just an icon living

start a massacre wizard of barz just did it

wrath of a god yeah they all gon feel it

I'm Felonius Gru and you're all my minions

whoa just getting started never finished

oh your lifetime running out of minutes

damn your win streak I'm about to end it

shit first verse was a pre game scrimmage

what now I'm bout to push it no limits

Rap Picasso let me paint you a new image

you are nothing but a fake nigga
I am authentic

so might as well put me up in Guinness

pastor preach to em can I get a witness

dressed suit and tie all about the business

cold flipping on the Track like a gymnast

oh teen spirit let me hit em with the quickness
I'm ripping it m16 shooting from the hip got a lotta Kick coming at em like the black John

Need a dr I'm super sick vomit never spit sleeve full of tricks many ways to die take your pick

I'm on some next level like ratchet and clank

I'm king of the hill fuck a bobby and hank

I look similar but I'm not what you think

I'm about to go crazy I might need a shrink

it's time for me to take the mask off of these actors

all You mother fuckers bow down to the master

hate me or love me nigga it really doesn't matter

I could be the best but I'm really not a bragger

headed forwards I ain't ever going backwards

I wasn't there first so I don't know all the factors

all I know is there ain't gonna be nobody after

so stayed tuned for the 2018 chapter ugh